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As an evergreen fund, our portfolio includes diversified sectors and stages. Their common characteristics are having high value technology in growth sectors and passion to be the category leaders in the world.

Investments Exists/Investing Condition
■ Canesta, Inc. Canesta was acquired by Microsoft Corporation in 2010.

Canesta, Inc. was a semiconductor fabless company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. Its business was in 3D CMOS sensor IC design and sales for automotive, video gaming and security applications.

■ Cortina Cortina was acquired by Realtek Semiconductor Corp. in 2014.

Cortina was engaged in the development of highly integrated, complex IC.

■ deCarta deCarta was acquired by Uber in 2015.

deCarta was the provider of advanced and comprehensive geospatial software platforms.

■ E2open E2open has been listed on NASDAQ since 2012.

E2Open was the leading provider of software and services for visibility and control over distributed global supply networks.

■ Ellie Mae Ellie Mae has been listed on NASDAQ since 2011.

Ellie Mae was the mortgage e-platform company in U.S., was founded to leverage the power of the Internet for mortgage brokers and originators.

■ Force10 Networks, Inc.
Force10 was acquired by Dell in 2011.

Force10 produced 10Gbps Ethernet Switch, and had its own ASIC, AP and OS.

■ MarketTools Inc. MarketTools was acquired by TPG SM Holdings in 2011.

MarketTools Inc. was the world’s leading provider of Customer Insight Management solutions.

■ MOTRICITY INC. MOTRICITY has been listed on NASDAQ since 2010.

MOTRICITY INC. was a provider of mobile content services and solutions.

■ Summit Microelectronics
Summit was acquired by Qualcomm in 2012.

Summit Microelectronics, the programmable power manager (PPM) IC leader, served a growing number of markets including enterprise and communications infrastructure equipment, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial control, and military/ government applications.

■ Ninetowns Ninetowns has been listed on NASDAQ since 2004.

Ninetowns was a leading provider of online solutions for international trade companies. Its import/export e-filling services enable enterprises to accelerate the declaration process.

■ Photonic Bridges
    Holdings Inc.
Photonic Bridges was acquired by Siemens in 2006.

PhotonicBridges is one of major MSTP(Multi-Service Transport Platform) providers in China.

■ CGEN Digital Media Co.,
CGEN Digital Media was acquired by Focusmedia in 2008.

CGEN was a pioneer in the “In-Store TV” industry offering advertising operations and services to customers of many hypermarkets in China.

■ Lakala Group Lakala was acquired by Legend Holdings.

Lakala Group was China's leading integrated financial service platform, and one of the earliest holder of third party payment license granted by the People's Bank of China. In line with public benefits, sci-tech, innovation and integration philosophy, Lakala created a financial service ecosystem oriented to users with unified underlying interfaces.

■ PacificTech
    Company Limited
PacificTech was acquired by Diodes in 2013.

PTM was established in 2004, focused on advanced analog, and high-voltage power integrated circuits.

■ Bitauto Holdings Limited Bitauto has listed on NYSE since 2010.

Bitauto Holdings Limited(NYSE:BITA) is a leading provider of internet content & marketing services, and transaction services for China's fast-growing automotive industry. Bitauto manages its businesses in three segments: its advertising and subscription business, transaction services business and digital marketing solutions business.
■ KU6 Media Company
KU6 was acquired by Hurray! Holding Co. Ltd. (華友世紀) in 2009.

Ku6 is one of the major video sharing platforms in China. The company provides updated, interesting and differential video content including various published content and user-generated content.

■ 盛大汽車 Its subsidiary has been listed on NEEQ since 2010.

盛大汽車 was a mobile car insurance agency.

■ Xiamen Shenzhouying
    Software Technology
    Co., Ltd.
New Oriental has become a strategic investor since 2016.

Xiamen Shenzhouying Software Technology Co., Ltd. provided remote monitoring services. The firm was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Xiamen, China.